Monday, May 18, 2009

What did He say?

I read part of the gospel of John the other day. It was chapter 2. Jesus was at a wedding with the disciples and His Mom was there. Jesus was enjoying the celebration when he was informed that the wine had run out. This was an unbelievable embarrassment to the host. Jesus mom came to Him asked Him to do something about it. Up until that point it wasn't Jesus time to start demonstrating the Kingdom of God in works yet. That was about to change. Mary says to those serving the guests "Do whatever He tells you to do." They did what she said and he made the equivalent to over 800 bottles of wine! (The good stuff too, not the cheap left over. Think Yerring station reserve).
This miracle may seem common place to those who have been around church stuff, but to the wedding guests this would have blown away. That is a lot of wine.
Imagine the kind of expectant faith Mary had to declare "do whatever He tells you to do." It makes you think, what had Mary seen Jesus do that would have given this kind of faith? Or maybe her faith was more in His Character and calling than on what she had seen.
It is so easy to think that I will believe something if I see it in action first.
I'm learning something about people who do amazing things for God. They aren't moved by circumstances. They aren't deterred by what they see. They are swayed by by seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They are moved by the character and calling of Jesus. They are moved by Him.
I am learning that I can't act based on what I see (or don't see) I need to respond by what I know Jesus wants to do and is able to do. Then I need to follow Marys declaration of "Do everything He tells you to do." Eve when it doesn't make sense. Even if I might look foolish. Even if I don't feel like it.
How many miracles have I missed because I fixed my eyes on circumstances rather than on Jesus and search for His heart and will for the situation.
How many cool stories have I missed out on because what God asked of me didn't compute with my understanding so I didn't act in obedience.
How many people could have experienced the presence of Jesus in their lives, but weren't listening to hear what Jesus was saying or asking of us in the moment.
What is He saying to you? What is He asking of you? What is lacking in your situation that Jesus wants to change and transform?
What new paradigm is He trying to bring to you today that He couldn't bring yesterday because of your situation.
May my life be a living truth of Marys admonition "Do whatever He tells you to do."

John 2:5