Monday, January 5, 2009


We have this grapefruit tree in our backyard. We also have a lemon tree. The lemon tree was full of beautiful lemons. They were great for putting in a glass of ice water on those 35 degree days. However the grapefruit tree was less than stellar. Don't get me wrong, it looked great. It had full branches with lush green leaves. It was also the best smelling tree. It had this crisp, refreshing citrus smell. It looked and smelled awesome, but there were was no fruit. I mean it did have a couple of grapefruit here and there, but they either never got ripe or they fell off the branches before they could ripen.I would see a yellowish greenish fruit hanging there and I would start to salivate thinking about eating it. I would keep saying "another couple of days and that sucker is going to be mine.". then they would fall off in the night and just lay on the ground turning brown and mushy. It was like they were mocking me. . . "I'll show him. I will commit fruit suicide before he can pick and eat me.".
Anyway, after a few months of this I was ready to chop the stupid thing down to make room in my minuscule yard. I loved the way it looked, but it was a fruit tree after all not a looking tree. It didn't seem right to me to have a grapefruit tree that didn't have grapefruit. It was like having Micheal Jordan look good in his warm ups but couldn't make a shot if his life depended upon it. But before I pulled out the axe I thought that maybe i should prune it a little to see if it helped at all. I had never pruned anything before, but knew enough to take off the leaves and branches that were dead. That was easy enough, they didn't even look or smell good. Than I just started to "shape" it a little. I cut off some little branches and some bigger ones, but nothing major because all I had was a small pair of pruning shears (I'm so savvy with the technical gardening tool names. Are you impressed?). It was pretty easy and relatively painless. . . at least for me. Maybe if the tree had a mouth it would have screamed it's head off.
An interesting thing has happened. The tree is now full of little grapefruits. I mean full. I may even sell some on the corner with my kids to pay off their college tuition (just a childhood business dream).
I never thought that pruning would yield so much fruit. It doesn't make sense to me (don't try to explain it, you gardening types. I don't really care that much). I cut off living matter off a tree and it produces new and improved living matter. Can you imagine if the human body worked that way. Say that I don't like my biceps (obviously hypothetical (sarcasm is prevalent if you haven't figured that out yet)). I could just take a carving knife, lop them off a couple of times and then in a while I'm looking like Vin Diesel. That would be great, if I had any pain tolerance.
However this concept is true from a perspective of us a Spiritual beings according to the scriptures. Jesus said in John 15. "I am the vine and you are the branches." He is describing our relationship with Him in terms of a vineyard metaphor. He goes on to say that if we stay connected with Him like branches to a vine, we will bear much fruit. That is to say Spiritual fruit (IE The Character of Christ and the works of Christ) He said apart from Him their would be no fruit. He didn't say some fruit or a little fruit, He said no fruit. He says apart from Him we could do nothing.
A little later He says that His Father is a gardener that prunes the fruitful branches to become even more fruitful. Thanks to my little grapefruit tree, I get this now.
There is just one problem. . . I don't want to be pruned by God. I mean a part of me wants to bear the fruit He has for me, but another part says "put those shears away God it's going to hurt. I like those branches and twigs. I know that some are wilting and dead, but I'm used to them by now. Go prune somebody else. I know some people that have plenty you should hack off. I'll even give you a hand in doing it. Just please let me be! OK?!"
We often think that Jesus walked around like Gandhi wearing a cool hippy tunic and sandals saying flowery nice phrases and telling people to love each other and Him. I hate to burst our little Jesus-bubble, but this is a warped view of reality. Jesus was kind, gracious gentle and loving, but he could also be strong and forceful sometimes. (Ask the money changers in the temple how strong a carpenters butt-beating could be. John 2:12-15).
In Matthew 21:18-20 Jesus was hungry. He went up to a fig tree that was at the side of the rod. when he got to the tree to grab a fig snack He saw that while it was full of leaves it had no figs. Jesus says to the tree (in a way that I'm sure was less Gandhi-like than we may think) "May you never bear fruit again!" Immediately the tree withered. Man Jesus takes His figs seriously. I felt like doing this to my little grapefruit tree. Why would Jesus do this to the tree? Most think that Jesus was giving a prophetic parable about judgement for His Disciples (and the fig tree owner) to remember. I think it's also for me. Better to be pruned now than live without fruit later. Better to have my branches look a little funny today, than look great right before I wither. Maybe Jesus is revealing with this fig tree His heart for us. "Let me prune you. I do it because I love you. I promise not to cut off anything that you really need and most of it you don't truly want if you are to be honest. I promise that I will stay with you, heal you and grow new fruit in it's place. Fruit that will blow you away."
How about you and me? How is our fruit to leaf ratio? Are we ready to let Jesus get a little closer, so to speak, and see what needs the pruning shears. Are we ready to invite the pruning hand of God?
I'm not sure. I want the fruit. I want Him and His heart and His works. OK Lord, but be gentle and just take a little off the top.


  1. very good thoughts Kevin. glad that you got to prune your tree and apply spiritual truths in Australia. May God continue to bless your ministry over there. down Yonder.

  2. I reckon he also got angry at the fig tree because he wanted something to eat!

    Good to see you blogging Kev, look forward to your insights in the future!

  3.'s the best and the worst!